fabrics from Japan

as expected, i did not have much time for shopping during this trip to tokyo. tb had to entertain the boys while i went crazy in the small craft department at Ito Yokado store in Oimachi.

They had about 2 shoulder-height shelves of pre-cut fabrics (100cm x 110cm) and i just grabbed whatever i could and left TuT. prices were soooo cheap! i would have grabbed more if the fabrics did not weigh so much (it is not easy carrying a few kg of fabrics in one hand while holding on to a child or two using the other hand).

cute cartoon linen – 780¥ each

cotton-linen blend – 780¥ each

cotton – 380¥ each

gauze – 380¥ each!! WTF gauze costs like $12-14 per metre in SG! i should have bought more ;__;

printed cotton – 380¥. this is the type of fabric that would typically cost $8-$14 in SG.

printed embroidered fabric – 980¥. there are so many other designs i’m regretting not grabbing more.. sobs..

the printed cottons were on sale. i was curious about the original price so i peeled off the price tags one by one..

woot! the price was marked down from 680¥ to 580¥ and finally 380¥!

i can’t wait to visit japan again.. sobs.. did not even have time to look at other things like ribbons, lace, and zippers (>m<)

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