Tokyo 2013

woo lala ~ we just came back from a one-week holiday in Tokyo :’D

temperatures in tokyo soared to like 37degrees in the week before we went so i was praying everyday for good weather and who knows? MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED.

when we walked out of the airport building, we actually felt a cool breeze so i glanced around to look for the temperature display and it was a freaking 26 degrees *dances*

the night temperatures hovered around 21-23 degrees and we actually felt cold when the winds blew at us ^_^;;

based on our experience from the previous trip, i knew that we wouldn’t be able to shop with the boys around, so my aunt helped to get new Mickey/Minnie t-shirts for us (mini men and me)!

tokyo disneyland


the boys wore their new Mickey Mouse t-shirts to TDL on the second day. mupig looked particularly pissed off while junpig looked disappointed as both of them were too tall and heavy for the stroller.


that is some awesome expression from mr junpig.


mr junpig in the driver seat in the Grand Circuit Raceway


mr junpig and mama in the teacup at Alice’s Tea Party


green tea crushed ice with red beans and mochi. super yummy dessert!


the boys did not want to eat any of those; they preferred to say “MOCHI!” repeatedly and laugh like it’s the funniest joke in the whole world.


the castle looked really pretty when it was lighted up!


mr junpig holding his pilot pass for the Star Jets ride. he would soon be reduced to a terrified boy when the plane started flying. he was so scared that he forbade me to raise the control lever and our plane remained at the lowest position throughout the ride X’D


tb and mupig were sitting on the floor below the Star Jets ride while they waited for junpig and me. soon, people started to place their mats around us and we realized that it was the perfect viewing spot for the Night Parade! so we stayed on to watch the parade :’D

i didn’t take any photos of the parade because 1) i’ve watched it a few times and it didn’t excite me anymore and 2) i’d rather enjoy the whole parade than struggle with the camera and end up with blurry night shots X’D

anyways, the boys were so fascinated by the parade and waved shyly at EVERY performer. as they were seated in the first row, most of the main performers also waved at them and made eye contact with them 🙂

Tokyo Teleport

not wanting to go back to indoor attractions like Shinagawa AquariumSanrio Puroland  or Ghibli Museum,  we decided to try out LEGOLAND Discovery Center.


here’s a photo of the twins wearing the pants which i made.



i LOVE tokyo teleport! this is the view that greeted me when we came up from Exit B. to get to DECKS, the easier way is to exit from Exit A and cross over using the overhead bridge.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

i didn’t take many pictures inside LEGOLAND but it was fun!


the MINILAND attraction is so lovely i think i spent a good 30 minutes inside there admiring all the intricate details! the MINILAND features miniatures of buildings, ferris wheel, bridges etc as well as moving vehicles like cars, trucks, ships, and an airship! the most awesome thing is that when night falls, the room darkens and all the buildings light up! mini fireworks are set in the night sky!


this is a miniature of the DECKS mall which LEGOLAND is located in.


mini rainbow bridge lights up like the real thing when night falls!


mini fireworks


besides miniatures, there are many different lego structures scattered throughout the center, such as this scooter bike.

the other attractions include 4D Cinema, Merlin’s Apprentice, and Kingdom Quest.

the Kingdom Quest is a fun ride where we ended up holding two guns each as our kids were too scared by the sound effects and darkness. the ride ended with a camera flash that caught all of us off-guard. see the photo below for proof.


besides LEGOLAND, there are two other attractions located in DECKS mall — Madam Tussauds Museum, and Tokyo Trick Art Museum.

Tokyo Trick Art Museum

i was really excited to discover the Trick Art Museum because i had seen photos from my colleague’s trip to the Trick Art Museum in Korea.


of course, it wasn’t easy posing for and taking proper photos with the twin pigs around. but we did manage to take a few photos :’D


where is the cat leading us?


tb and me fighting off evil ninjas


junpig suddenly grew taller in this room!


i was almost gobbled up by evil monsters from the edo era. here is a picture of me escaping from the lantern monster


while holding on to a fish, the hungry penguins suddenly flew out from the window!


sorry i couldn’t resist poking this woman in the butt. what an odd butt she has!


shhh… don’t tell tb that i’ve fallen for this giraffe


dangerous creatures lurked in every corner and i had to save my child from the hungry dinosaur


after running away from the dinosaur i proceeded to kick a shark who lost its way and ended up in Tokyo


finally, the evil vampire caught up with us and trapped us in his inverted glass >m<

Palette Town

on the other side (the side with the ferris wheel) of the Tokyo Teleport station lies Palette Town. it is basically a big cluster of buildings that include a giant mall (Venus Fort), Toyota Mega Web, Odaiba Daikanransha (大観覧車). we only covered about 10 percent of the whole place X’D


the boys totally lost themselves in the games arcade.


this is a view of the ferris wheel in the late afternoon. did i mention that i LOVE this place? there is SO MUCH open space here!


the clouds were lovely on the day we went


lovely place.. even the sky looked lovely X’D


this is a view of the buildings from the Ferris wheel.. i love this town, it really looks like some futuristic town in a manga!!


we discovered this cute game machine inside one of the game centres. it consists of a large miniature town with two train stations.


each player controls a train that moves around the town, picking up passengers at the designated stations.


a video camera is fixed to each train so each train “driver” can see where the train is going and prepare to stop the train when approaching a station.


the boys never get tired of trains and buses :’D

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum


the odaiba takoyaki museum is located at Level 4 of Seaside Mall. i only managed to take one picture because we were busy slapping the boys’ hands away from everything. the takoyaki museum, as the name implies, sells takoyaki and takoyaki-related omiyage. there were a couple of stalls selling different types of takoyaki. it was difficult to choose a stall because everyone was claiming that their takoyaki was the best ^^;

Daiba Itchome

台場一丁目商店街 is located next to the takoyaki museum. there are all sorts of cool stuff from the past, like old gadgets, an old truck, old idol posters, and a game arcade full of old game machines!


one of the window displays in the attraction.


anyone remembers this game (TETRIS)?


a surprise find for us was this statue of liberty at one of the exits. i think the Rainbow Bridge is behind it.

one-day tour

we booked a one-day trip with Hato Bus.


the skies were clear in the morning and we were able to get a good view of Mt Fuji *嬉しい*

Narusawa Ice Cave


first stop, the narusawa ice cave. the narusawa ice cave is an interesting place which stays cold even during summer. although the tour around the ice cave is not very long, there are low ceilings, slippery paths, and steep steps inside the cave. the ceiling height is only 90cm in certain parts of the cave.


a simple image depicting how ancient people excavated ice from the cave and transported it back to the city.


although it was summer, the cave was ice-cold and ice blocks inside the cave did not melt. how nice if i could have this cave at my void deck..

Fuji View Hotel


2nd stop, Fuji View Hotel. we enjoyed a buffet lunch at fuji view hotel. after the lunch, we went to the viewing gallery located at level 6. on a clear day, one would be able to get a clear view of Mt Fuji. unfortunately, when we were there, mt fuji decided to hide behind some fluffy clouds TuT

Mt Fuji Gogome


3rd stop, Mt Fuji 5th station. this is a view of the clouds surrounding us at Mt Fuji gogome (5th station). we didn’t do much there, just walking around taking silly photos of each other not saying “CHEESE” but saying “KIMCHI” because of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) X’D

hahaha.. yeah i know we’re super lame..

Fruit Picking


4th stop, fruit farm. our final stop was at a fruit farm where we were given 40 minutes to pluck plump peaches from the trees and eat them on the spot!


on the way out, i saw these lovely bunches of grapes waiting to be harvested <3

phew.. this blog post took me more than 3 hours to write but i’m glad i have properly documented my second family trip because we totally enjoyed ourselves this time!



Shinagawa Aquarium – alight at Oimachi station (take the RINKAI line from Shinjuku station) and take the free shuttle bus to the aquarium
Sanrio Puroland – 5-10 minutes walk from Tama Center station
Ghibli Museum – 15-20 minutes walk from Mitaka station. the museum is situated within the Inokashita Park, a lovely place to stroll in during the colder months
LEGOLAND Discovery Center – 5-10 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport station (take the RINKAI line from Shinjuku station). LEGOLAND Discovery Center is located within DECKS Mall. 

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