crochet collar + crochet tawashi + what i’ve been doing

crochet collar

i made a crochet collar last weekend!

the crocheting is completed but the collar still lacks a button >m<

here’s how it looks on a 34-year-old human being

and here is how it looks without the human being :’D

i wish i have some pearl buttons at home to complete the project *sulks*

this is the pattern i used. fell in love with it when i was browsing this book (The Beautiful Lace Knottig Life (Chinese Edition)) at Kinokuniya last saturday. the husband was tricked into buying the book for me. just because. X’D

crochet tawashi

i hooked non-stop last weekend and made a few crochet tawashi. like what everybody says, these are so quick to make and really good for scrubbing sinks, taps, drinking glasses~ don’t just take our word for it, make a few yourself today!

i bought the kit from daiso a few years ago and each comes with two small balls of acrylic yarn and the pattern. the pattern is just a simple hexagonal design. the flower pattern is from this website, sibeh cute right?

the pink tawashi is intended to be used for washing dishes so i joined two hexagonal pieces together and gave it a hiao hiao flirty frilly edge.

what i’ve been doing

in my absence from the Internet, i’ve been to the library (to borrow books for myself, not the kids), read the storybooks i borrowed for myself and actually had nightmares about the stories >m<!! i also sewed up a pretty nursing poncho for my neo sister! i forgot to take proper photos so the photo below was stolen shamelessly from her facebook X’D


and the book that gave me the creeps? it’s Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. i saw her latest book at Kinokuniya last weekend but being the frugal housewife i am, i shall wait for the library to stock this title.. X’D

P/S: i am really enjoying the last four months of my no-pay leave ^_^

3 comments on “crochet collar + crochet tawashi + what i’ve been doing

  1. Lovely…

  2. I love the collar you made! Could you do a tutorial?

    • i’m glad you like it! :’D
      unfortunately i’m unable to do a tutorial as the pattern is from a book and i don’t own it 🙁