failed project — fixing a torn t-shirt

so the other day i was cutting the labels off some $9.90 T-shirts i bought during a sale and i absent-mindedly left the pair of scissors on the bed while i turned around to scoop up the stack of clothing labels to throw away. when i turned back about THREE seconds later, mupig was holding this T-shirt in his left hand, and the pair of scissors in his right hand.

yep, he cut a hole in my new T-shirt TuT

it was hardly noticeable given the busy print on the T-shirt.. but me being me.. i was too conscious about it so i decided that i had to fix it.

before you scroll further, let me warn you that this is one of the times where the “fixed” clothing actually looks worse after fixing.. oh well..

see what i mean about the hole being barely noticeable? try spotting the hole in this close-up picture.

i took some cotton thread leftover from making this collar and started to crochet a small flower. due to the position of the hole, the flower looked super obiang -_-!! this is a bad sign isn’t it? i should’ve stopped before i actually sewed onto the poor t-shirt.. but i was full of confidence and persevered in finding a “perfect solution” to fix the hole..

and so i added two leaves and a random stem.

here’s how it looks after i sewed down the crochet stuff.

for some reason, the flower hardly showed up in my photos.

arghhh… although the finished t-shirt looks very weird, i guess i’ll keep it this way. the weird flower is what makes it unique X’D

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