what’s up? my dress size, of course!


so i’ve packed a few pounds this year and i now weigh as much as i did when i was three months pregnant (with twins, OMG). since i can’t give up eating so many times a day (I’D RATHER DIE THAN BE HUNGRY), i thought i could at least stop or slow down my weight gain with some exercise X’D

after my first run, my running shoes gave me a BIG SMILE (see pic above). some of you may not know, i am now an unemployed mother of two, the thought of buying new shoes did not occur to me, even though these shoes are older than my kids and the sole probably fell off because they felt neglected, unloved in the shoe cabinet.

i glued the sole back and prayed for the best.

and next time i ran in these goddamned shoes again? THEY SMILED AT ME AGAIN.

alright, i should get me some new shoes after all >m<

i LOVE my new running shoes~ they’re light as air but provides good cushioning support. an old lady with creaking knees like me should always ensure that her shoes provide sufficient support as her knees might not be able to support her body weight if she continues her sedentary lifestyle.

i have worn the shoes ONCE. yes, i know i am not the most motivated runner you know of, heh.. *hangs head in shame*


nothing interesting. i made two dresses from FEMALE Summer Edition 2013 (reviewed here).

this looks like a hospital gown. i lengthened the bodice but forgot to shorten the skirt so it ends at around my knees X’D

i like this better although i forgot to lengthen the bodice.. luckily i am flat-chested enough for the waistband to hover somewhere near my natural waist -__-

if i make this again, i may need to make it bigger too.. i think it looks nicer if it’s really loose and baggy >m<


wire rings made using craft wire, glass beads (left), swarvoski crystals (middle), and glass beads (right). i used gauge 24 craft wire because i didn’t want to exert too much energy on bending the wires.. you know, nowadays i’m not too fond of calloused fingers and ruined nails.

and when i’m not making things, i’m reading. i’ve completed 3 books in the last week — Still Bleeding (very interesting concept and i keep getting goosebumps while reading the book… i really wish the author had provided more explanation for how the “secret organization” functioned!), Never Knowing (second book by Chevy Stevens. i like her first book better), Millie’s Fling (i like Jill Mansell for her sense of humour. this is a no-stress romance story but there are too many annoying characters inside for me to enjoy the whole book. i really like the main characters though :D)

i guess i am trying to squeeze more out of my remaining months of freedom. it’s hard to imagine that in a few months’ time, i’ll be spending 60% of my waking hours “chained” to a desk and the other 5-10% on the public transport, 20-25% with the kids and maybe 5-10% to myself (pee-ing, poo-ing, bathing).

so.. cheers to being a slacker!

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