mupig 语录

it’s been a long time since i last posted words of wisdom from mini men..

mupig: 爸爸,McDonald’s 不好吃,可是有玩具。爸爸,(如果)McDonald’s 没有玩具,(就)没有人吃 McDonald’s 了。

A rough translation would be.. “Papa, the food at McDonald’s is not nice but there are toys. Papa, if there are no toys at McDonald’s, then nobody would eat there.”


Last evening, mupig was playing doctor. After checking my temperature using the toy thermometer and using the toy stethoscope to listen to my tummy, he held up the toy syringe..

mupig: 妈咪,你要吃药还是打针?
cJ: 我要打针。
mupig: 不要啦!打针是最痛的啦!

such a thoughtful doctor.. X’D

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