sorbetto dress with frilly sleeves

i started on this dress in September and left it with unfinished sleeves because i thought it looked too blah without any sleeves but i did not have enough fabric to draft sleeves

note to self: next time if you see a nice fabric, just go ahead and buy 2 metres.

so this dress hung over my chair for almost two months, untouched and unloved while i battled stomach flu, body aches, general lethargy and felt totally unmotivated to do anything to finish the dress.

i couldn’t bear to throw it away because i love this fabric so much..

this morning i finally salvaged two strips of scraps and turned them into frilly sleeves for the dress! <– the idea of frilly sleeves came from my mum, who has been nagging at me to “just finish the damned thing already” every time she drops by my place :’D

sorbetto dress
i would have loved a fuller skirt.. but this was the best i could do with the limited fabric i had.. *sulks*

this is my first time making frilly sleeves and i think it’s pretty easy!! i used a rolled hem foot to finish the edges of the sleeves.

here’s Ms Fatty modeling the completed dress.

hmmm… i think i’ll need to modify the pattern and make it into an empire waist dress to fit my big tummy 😛

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