floral maternity top + shorts

i sewed a maternity top and shorts before going back to full-time work, because who knows if i’ll ever get to do any sewing once i start working?

maternity top

the pattern is self-drafted. basically the top part is a cropped a bodice that fits me (hopefully for a few more weeks at least), while the bottom part is just a long strip of fabric that is curved longer in the front to accommodate the baby bump. armholes and neck finished using ready-made binding so it’s a really easy project 🙂

20131231_01 20131231_02
i love floral fabrics. the stitches are not really visible even though i used an obiang bright yellow thread X’D

i enclosed an elastic band to make the “waistband”


here’s proof that my husband takes very blurry photos X’D

20131231_09 20131231_08

maternity shorts

the shorts are also self-drafted based on a pair of shorts that fit well. one big lesson learnt is that a pregnant bum is VERY GIGANTIC.

the shorts uses some old camisole as a waistband. it is freaking comfortable for nuah-ing at home :’D

i love the stitching on the pockets so was reluctant to give it up when the bum was too tight. in the end, i had to sew on extra pieces of fabrics at the back to accommodate my fat ass XD 

the two extra lines of stitching is where i attached the extra fabric XD

LOVE my pockets!
super comfortable for lazing at home 😀


oh and before i go off, here’s a photo of moi modelling the DIY maternity skirt.

the picture was taken when i was 15 weeks pregnant and still fits well now (20 weeks). i hope it can last me till the end of the pregnancy, hate spending my hard-earned money on maternity clothes! X’D

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