my almost margaret bag X’D

while browsing the web for bag tutorials, i came across something called Margaret Bag, by  Oh Fransson. all the margaret bags on the google image search results left me so inspired. i was really itching to sew one up but couldn’t find the tutorial and pattern because the author had retired the pattern :'(

so, i had apparently inherited my mother’s never-give-up genes because when i saw pictures of the bag made using the blue floral IKEA fabric i have, i started to reverse-engineer the bag based on pictures of it from google.. here’s what i came up with..

TADA!! it is more boxy and less ladylike compared to the original but it’ll do for me :’D

got this button from a little shop in Chinatown today because the original dark brown button i randomly used just wouldn’t do! (scroll down for evidence)

yummy top-stitching — my aging Brother sewing machine cooperated very well and i did not have any skipped stitches at all while making this bag!

yes, my pirated version does look different from the original because i did not curve the top of the bag. the length of buttonhole loop and placement of button is also way off ^^;

this is how the bag looked when i first completed it.. the brown button is a spare button from some RTW clothing which i found in my box of spare buttons from RTW clothing, lol

fatty whale modeling the bag — 28 weeks pregnant, in case you’re curious XD

here’s one last picture of my reverse-engineered bag sitting comfortably on my new chair.. hee..

2 comments on “my almost margaret bag X’D

  1. That is so cute! Well done on the reverse engineering, I think it looks fab, and that fabric is darling! Also what a cute button – definitely the right choice to switch it!