Arachnoid cyst :: latest scan


Brave young man went for his third mri on 27 Nov. It was the first time he tried it without GA. Although it was a success, he was totally traumatised by the injections and said he does not want to do anymore mri because “ζ‰“ι’ˆεΎˆη—›” (injection hurts) T.T

It was much longer than I had expected. Internet, YOU LIED TO ME. Internet said that it would take about 20 minutes? But it sounded too good to be true so i was mentally prepared for maybe 30 or 40 minutes but the whole ordeal actually took 1.5 hours.

No wonder I felt like dying. Not being a sissy but I was standing throughout and had to bend my body so that I could reach into the tunnel to comfort the poor young man >.<

The review with neurosurgeon was on 17 Dec. As you've probably seen from the image above. The cyst is still the same.

Mupig's condition is now stabilised. It has not gotten worse. We have been very blessed and i hope and pray that he will continue to be well in the many years to come.

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