about cJ


lalala ~

i am cJ and this is my blog :’D

i am a mother to twin pigs and baby summer and i am married to the father of all pigs.

i used to hold a full-time job in a local startup, but i am taking a break from working life in 2013 to look after my elder pig, who was found to have an abnormally large arachnoid cyst in Nov 2012.

i write about things that make me happy, things that piss me off, things that i’m crazy about, and things that i want to remember ten years down the road.

i also document down some of the things my children say because i know i will enjoy reading these when they’re all grown up and start talking in angsty teenager manner :’)

enjoy your stay here and do drop me a comment to say “Hi!”

[edited: Jun 2014]

3 comments on “about cJ

  1. Zacch on said:

    Hi cJ,

    I came across your blogpost while I was searching for arachnoid cyst (unfortunately). I have been recently diagnosed with it (preliminary statements from the specialist), and reading your blog has been an eye-open for me to learn about the surgical options and the process of going through this.

    I envy the tremendous support that you have had received from your family and people around you, and of course the family care & concern that you have selflessly showered. It makes a lot of difference. Especially from my perspective as a (well, panic) patient.

    Keep up the great job!

    • cJ on said:

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad the documentation of our experience has helped you 🙂
      Please stay positive. Many people live normally and healthily with this condition. We just need to be careful about physical activities and avoid any head injuries (this is when I transform into over – protective mum).
      Take care!

  2. sino mum on said:

    hi ..God bless ur lovely family
    i was searching for arachnoid cyst and finally i found your blog ..thank u for all the info u share with us ..my son has the same size of arachnoid cyst as your son but on the left side of his brain ..i was shocked when i saw it..he did cyst fenestration 1 year ago and i was so worried but your blog comforted me a bit ..i am curious to know how is your son doing now in school ?what does the cyst look like after years of the operation ?what tests did u do to check on his eyes?thanks alot

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